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At Staining Hardwood Floor Guys, our main objective is to offer you with quality wood floor staining services. We understand the value and the cost of installing wooden floors and our desire is to help you maintain your floors in top condition so that you can find the warmth, ambience and beauty you have hoped for when you decided to install the wooden floors. Kindly give us a call at 800-551-9450 to learn more about the particular services have ready for you to ensure that your wooden floors stays in good shape at all times.


Superior customer care services

Our clients are the core pillars of our business and so we have a moral and professional obligation to treat them with utmost care and always put their needs before any other. This is why we have invested in a skilled and professional customer care executive staff to ensure that all the concerns of our clients are attended to in a prompt and appropriate manner. You are free to reach us at any time of the day using the number 800-551-9450 or you can send us an email or chat with us via the website for more immediate response. Our commitment still remains to offer you with the best services with regards to staining wood floors.


Affordable rates

At Staining Hardwood Floor Guys, we not only offer you with high quality services in staining wood floors but the services are available to you at very affordable rates. We see no sense if offering high quality services that can only be afforded by just a handful in the society. This is why we have decided to make our services available to all so that everyone with a wooden floor can enjoy the beauty of having good wood floor stains applied to their floors. Call us at 800-551-9450 for more information about our rates and the various means of payment we have in store for you.

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* Dust free wood floor stains

At Staining Hardwood Floor Guys, we offer a combination of dust free staining processes utilizing minima invasive methods that will leave your wooden floors looking impeccably great. With these services, your floors will remain looking clean and beautiful for many more months to come. We use a combination of different breakthrough technologies to realize a great and appealing finish to the floors. Once we are done with the last coat, your wooden floor will be the center of focus for every eyeball that sets inside the rooms. Call us today at 800-551-9450 if you need our dust free wood floor stains services.

* Dustless sanding and refinishing

Other than offering dust free wood staining services, we also have dustless sanding and refinishing services. This is ideal when you have an old wooden floor but you dont want to incur all the expenses of installing a new floor. As part of our staining wood floor services, you can take advantage of dustless sanding and refinishing to have a completely new look for your floors. This is an inexpensive method that will make your old and rugged wooden floor look as good as new in just a matter of hours. Give us a call at 800-551-9450 for more details about our dustless sanding and refinishing services.

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